House of Perfumes has also been an innovator in perfume-making and a pioneer in the perfume products to a global clientele.  House of Perfumes is creating its footprints across the globe with its signature designed stores all across the GCC (UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar). Our products have also penetrated all other global markets including the United Kingdom and United States through our strong distribution channels.


“Use of fragrances plays an important role in creating pleasant memories for ages.”

Mr. Khalid Abbas

HOUSE OF PERFUMES LLC is a family owned business in Dubai, UAE. It was founded under the inspiration of Mr. Khalid Abbas, who is also the chairman of the company.

In almost four decades Mr. Khalid Abbas has created a name of being an exceptional perfumer “nose” and his skills have been carried forward by his sons, each specialized in their skills with a combined effort towards brand excellence.

House of Perfumes is established as a major brand in the magnificent world of Fragrances with its unique packaging, personal designed bottles and best quality perfumes.Quality, Luxury and Elegance are best known for House of Perfumes as it has dedicated in creating the finest perfumes that epitomize quality and sophistication, and moreover a fine mastery over the art of blending fragrances is our forte, which makes our products a fashion-statement.

A Satisfied consumer will always push us to innovate a fragrance which defines itself